Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online September 23rd – 27th

September 23-27, 2020


Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online will be held during the next 5 days from September 23rd to September 27th and Terra Localizations has its first stop in the upcoming Asian Gaming Events with TGS 2020.

Although the pandemic has prevented the usual exhibition, players can still look forward to plenty of announcements during these days. With Square Enix, ATLUS, SEGA, CAPCOM, Koei Tecmo, Konami and Bandai Namco all in attendance the Japanese developers are out in full force.

Business Development Manager Ms. Florencia Fole and Marketing Manager Mr. Alexis Biro will be attending the presentations and in case you are interested in meeting with them you can contact them through the Business Matching System. Stay tuned for all the exciting news that we will be sharing through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The event will kick start this Wednesday at 8PM Japan time (1PM CST / 7AM EST / 4AM PST) on #TGS2020 Official YouTube Channel: here

For all the Streaming schedule, YouTube links and more just click here for the Official Program Website.

Having a hard time with time zones? Make sure you have this at hand: