Terra goes BIG – Brazil’s Independent Games Festival 2021

May 3-9, 2021

Our team is prepping up for one of the largest festivals for ​independent games in Latin America, we are talking about the BIG Festival 2021 kicking off next Monday, May 3rd. 9am GMT-3.

If you are attending, please do look for our representatives, Florencia Fole, Lara Lapier and Alexis Biro who will be available for business meetings all throughout the event and also attending all the interesting lectures, workshops and talks that BIG will hold.

With a wide array of segments, this year’s festival is BIGGER than ever before! 

Here are some of the segments you can expect if you are attending:

  • BIG Business Meetings: Business meetings in an exclusive area for entrepreneurs.
  • BIG Diversity: Area at the festival and lectures dedicated to games with a diversity theme.
  • BIG Educators: Area in the speaking sessions focused on best practices with educational games.
  • BIG E-sports: Amateur championship open to the public visiting the event and speaking sessions on the E-sports market
  • BIG Forum: Meeting point of game industry professionals, with lectures, workshops and keynotes.
  • BIG Impact: Initiative dedicated to games with positive impact, which transform society – lectures and awards in the games competition.
  • BIG Latin America: It brings the best games and developers from the region: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Paraguay.
  • And more!

We have an exciting week ahead of us where we will be live streaming the talks and workshops on our Discord Server. Click here to join us! (Don’t forget to choose the @Terrans role in the rules section to gain access to the entire server).