Giving Tuesday Free Webinar -Transcreation in Video Game Localization

December 2, 2021


Join Donation Drive to Celebrate 2021 Giving Tuesday Day: Online translation and volunteering: finding new opportunities.

Our CEO, Marina Ilari, and our Business Development Director, Florencia Fole have prepared a special talk to give something back to the professional translation community.

Transcreation in Video Game Localization will start this Thursday, December 2nd:

6:30PM GMT | 3:30PM GMT-3 | 10:30AM PT

This webinar will explore where transcreation can be present in video games – this can range from marketing content to even the title of the game. Translators often need to modify or even remove components that interfere with the player’s experience in a certain target market. Join Marina and Flor on this webinar to explore how transcreation is applied to the diverse, multilingual content of video games and what strategies you can use as a translator to tackle these projects.

This event is FREE and it features more than 5 hours of free talks, webinars and training! No registration is needed, but you can choose to get notified of the event or of single talks with the slider “Get notified” buttons or you can add the event to your calendar by clicking the “Get notified” button, following this LINK.