Terra Localizations and Proz.com Meetup on Video Game Localization: Level 4, Quality Assurance

November 12, 2021


Terra Localizations invites you to the 4th Level of our Video Game Localization Meetup Series that we have released with Proz.com , where our team members, Linguistic LeadVerónica Ríos, with the QA Managers Fiorella Nocetti, and Carmen García Serrano

This Meetup is set for next Friday, November 12th, 1 PM GMT, and the topic will be Quality Assurance.

Vero, Fio, and Carmen will go over:

  • The meaning and purpose of Quality Assurance.
  • The different steps of the Quality Assurance process in video game localization.
  • The use of QA tools.
  • The creation of QA profiles.
  • The creation of rules for automatic QA checks.
  • The role of multilingual Quality Assurance managers.
  • And more…
As always, we will have networking opportunities through the Remo Platform right after the presentation.
🔗 Find the link to pre-register HERE