The Importance of a Project Manager in Localization


When it comes to localizing a game, it can become a challenging process.  A Loc team needs enough resources to do their job well. There need to be enough translators on board. The technology that the team will use needs to be working.  The client’s wishes and standards are in place. Deadlines need to be met in a timely matter.  If there are any setbacks, talking to both client and the Loc team is important.  

All of that is easier by having PM personnel on the Loc Team.

What is a PM

What is a PM when it comes to localization? A Project Manager, or PM for short, is the  “glue” for the Loc process and the team.  They are the ones that make sure that everyone is doing their part on the team and everything is working as it should. Their main goal is to make sure that the product is localized efficiently and effectively. In other words, the PM and the team need to have the game localized quickly with no issues.

When it comes to having no issues when localizing a game, it can become a challenge.  When a game goes through different small teams, you could have a few surprises on your hands. It is important to have a PM that is confident in their role. They can make sure that nothing gets out of hand or gets lost in the localization process.  What if a game dev sends over a “lockit” (a localization kit with information about the game that is on)? The PM can make sure to follow up with devs to find out what is needed.

Communication Is Key

PM’s are not only connecting with game devs and the Loc team, but also with the clients and shareholders.  There is constant conversation with the clients.  If there are any delays in the localization process, the PM makes sure that the client is informed.  If there are any translating issues the PM makes sure to find out some solutions.

The PM works with game devs, translators, main clients and more that are involved in the localization process. When it comes to this role, communication is key. Language is important for these games. That means making sure that everyone understands the process. This is a great start for a successful project.

As mentioned earlier, this whole PM role can be overwhelming for some.  If you are a PM, it may feel like you have many jobs in place.  You can run around all day, back and forth, trying to make sure the process runs smoothly.  If you are not careful, it can burn you out.  It’s important to make sure PM’s use this key step in their localization to make their job (or mini jobs) easier…

Have a Plan of Action

This may sound like a simple tip. But a great localization plan will help relieve the pressure off the PM and give the Loc team a boost in performance. The plan should include proven translation methods for the teams. This includes which translation technology and tools to use in the process.  It is important for the plan to be put in place before the development process.

This gives the PM the freedom to perform other duties. They can research the latest translation systems such as a good Translation Management System. They can research potential markets for the games to reach. PM’s will also have time to enhance their creative minds.  

It is very important to have a great PM on a Loc team because they are the bridge.  They are not only the bridge to game devs, translators, and the main clients. They are the bridge to a successful localized game and brand. If you are working on a localized product, consider bringing on a PM. Let them bridge the gap for you today to your future success. 

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